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Cardboard-alternative FrogBox hops the border

Earlier this year, Vancouver-based FrogBox opened its low-impact moving service in Seattle, Washington. The company hopes to help curb the appetite of Seattleites, who use about one million cardboard boxes each month for the purpose of moving.

Frogbox drops off and picks up plastic, stackable boxes for people who are moving their households or businesses, and donates one percent of revenues to frog habitat restoration. The company recently donated money to Mountain View Conservation ( in Langley, BC, which is helping restore Canada’s most endangered species – the Oregon spotted frog. Canada has less than 400 Oregon spotted frogs in the wild, and according to leading scientists ( frogs around the world are disappearing faster than dinosaurs did.

Doug Burgoyne started FrogBox in 2008 after being frustrated with having to use so much cardboard for multiple moves he was involved in. “I’m still blown away to think that people moving in Greater Vancouver use over 400,000 boxes each month, and Seattle is over a million boxes,” Burgoyne says. “Those cardboard boxes can only be used once or twice, while FrogBoxes can be used about 400 times before they’re recycled.”