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Fall protection system for refuse and recycling workers

This new line of products from tarpAR-MOR is designed to protect employees while working on top of refuse and recycling trucks, and to enable them to perform more duties at ground level.

The tarpARMOR Fall Protection System includes Bi-LINE Fall Restraint, safeMOUNT Ladder Assist and Expandable Garbage Gear (EGG). Bi-LINE Fall Restraint consists of two parallel restraint lines that are permanently mounted to the top of the vehicle body, a dual lanyard that connects to the restraint lines, and a comfortable belt worn by the operator. Once the operator reaches the top of the vehicle, he clips his belt into the system using a swivel hook on the lanyard. He is then able to walk the full length and width of the vehicle, while being prevented from going over the edge. As a result, he can’t fall off the vehicle or into the hopper. Bi-LINE can be specified on new vehicles or retrofitted to those already in the field. Its low profile protects it from tree branches and other obstructions. The new safeMOUNT Ladder Assist eases the transition from fixed ladder to vehicle roof by serving as a handrail extension that rises well above the top of the ladder and vehicle. The bolt-on device allows operators to maintain three points of contact as they transition to the top of the vehicle, thereby reducing the chance of losing their balance or slipping before they’re connected to the Bi-LINE Fall Restraint. When not in use, safeMOUNT retracts out of the way next to the ladder.

The Expandable Garbage Gear line includes two expandable reaching poles, that can be quickly fitted with various attachments, including the trukBRUSH - a combination brush and scraper, and the tarpTAMER - a multifunction hook used to position tarps and secure bungee cords without climbing onto the truck.