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Two-pass grinder engineered for energy savings

West Salem Machinery’s two-pass grinding systems are engineered to convert larger size material with lower horsepower requirements and less energy usage. The two-pass system combines a slow-speed high torque shredder and a high-speed vertical feed grinder. The high torque shredder is the primary grinder used for the initial reduction of coarse material down to a 20 to 24-inch minus. The vertical feed grinder, or secondary grinder, then produces the finished product. Pre-screening technology is also available, which when added after the primary shredder and before the secondary grinder, will remove acceptably-sized material and metal contamination before it enters the secondary grinder. This two-pass unit is designed to efficiently handle a range of infeed including green waste, urban wood waste, food waste and C&D materials. West Salem Machinery #1236

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