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Safety first priority with 835 and 840 D series material handlers

These new 835 and 840 D series purpose-built material handlers offer the same safety and comfort features as Sennebogen’s 825 and 830 D series machines, and are equipped with powerful, emissions-compliant Cummins Tier III engines. “These new models, already in production, underline our commitment to bringing our customers cost-efficient, reliable purpose-built material handlers with the kind of safety and comfort features they require and have come to expect from Sennebogen,” says Constantino Lannes, company president. “We have listened to the concerns about operator safety expressed by leading industry spokespersons and our customers around the world,” says Erich Sennebogen, owner and managing director of Sennebogen Maschinenfabrik GmbH. “Our engineers have worked to incorporate many of their suggestions into our D Series models. We continue to design and build our machines to meet the highest standards of safety demanded by our customers. The introduction of the new Sennebogen 835 and 840 D series is the next step in a natural progression.” The 835 and 840 models are designed for versatility of application, and are ideal for everything from unloading and loading trucks with scrap, to feeding stationary shears with feedstock, to unloading river barges and feeding hoppers with aggregate material. Units are available with rubber tires (835 M, 840 M), as a crawler (835 R-HD, 840 R-HD), as a pedestal-mounted machine (835 special, 840 special) or as an electrically-driven machine. Safety and comfort features on the new 835 and 840 D series machines include: a sliding door combined with an adjacent catwalk; a cab position that provides easy access for the operator to get to and from the cab via a small set of stairs and handrails; upgraded air conditioning with climate control systems; improved access to maintenance areas; a handrail on top of the upper carriage; and an ergonomically designed cab for more operator comfort.

The 835 D series features an operating weight of 100,000 pounds, 264-hp Cummins diesel engine, and a 25 kW magnet system. The 840 D series features an operating weight of 123,000 pounds, a 264-hp Cummins diesel engine and a 25 kW magnet system.