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Screeners improve efficiency for recycling applications

These new screeners are specifically designed to provide high-capacity and efficient screening capabilities for commercial recycling processes, especially during crucial steps in the purification of materials. Units process material by particle size, and are ideal in applications ranging from separating ground rubber from recycled tires to separating wood by-products from sawmill waste.

This company offers a broad product range, with models comprised of one to five decks, and which have a potential surface area of up to 160 square feet. Construction options range from aluminum and stainless steel components, to wood assemblies.

The high-volume design of ROTEX screeners allows efficient separation of even low-density products, such as wood shavings and sawdust. Reliable and efficient separations yield a larger amount of product for every ton handled, improving the process, and an effective ball-mesh cleaning system is especially effective for hard-to-handle materials such as blasting media, boiler slag or sand.

ROTEX screeners are available in customized configurations, including for removal of light materials, and specialized designs can be utilized for abrasive or hot conditions.

Units also provide efficient and dependable separation for such diverse applications as bakery waste, crushed glass, fly ash, ground PET bottles, metal shavings, plastic pellets, plastic regrind, poultry litter and sewage sludge pellets.

APEX Screeners are the newest member of the ROTEX family, and offer easy-to-handle screen panels. These models cover a range of one to four decks and up to 105 square feet of screen area.