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Wood-plastic bio-composites may soon be replacing a wood or plastic product near you

Wood-plastic bio-composites may soon be replacing a wood or plastic product near you
Canadian-based JER Envirotech is currently hitting the global marketplace with a suite of unique, patented wood plastic biocomposite compounds that, according to the company, have the potential to outperform and “out-green” both wood and plastic alone in a staggering range of applications. JER Envirotech International was founded in 1997, and in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada, has developed advanced biocomposite compounds using organic fibre byproducts and recycled plastics. The company’s manufacturing process takes fibre byproducts such as wood fl our or rice hulls and alloys them with recycled polymers using proprietary, patented additives. The resulting material combines the durability of plastic with the appearance and workability of wood, but is a stronger, waterproof, warp-free material, which is resistant to rot and mould and impenetrable to insects. The material can be used to make fl ooring, roofing, automotive parts, desks, boat hauls, toys and furniture, and basically anything that can be made with wood.

Recently JER has partnered with Promats Athletics, out of North Carolina and Sportsfield Specialties out of New York to produce the first thermoplastic biocomposite sheeting product. The product is being used for Promats’ EnviroZone Product line of stadium wall safety padding. Known as JERsportSheeting (shown here in production), this new product offers a non-toxic, high strength, dimensionally stable, and recyclable product for sports safety applications. JERsport Sheeting consists of up to 98 percent recycled polymer and cellulose fiber content using post industrial sources of polymers and bio fibers.

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