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The BIOCUBE biofil-tration system provides total control over process conditions, and is capable of very high levels of removal efficiency and very long compost based media life. Biorem’s compost based media is an all natural formula that combines nutrients, ad-sorbents, and pH inhibitors to deliver extended three to five year media life and >99 percent hydrogen sulfide removal efficiency.

All BIOCUBE systems use the same process. Pre-heated and pre-humidified gas streams are pulled through a series of shallow-depth compost based media trays, and a vacuum design ensures that harmful gases cannot leak out of the system and that the blower is on the clean side of the process, minimizing corrosion. Units are applicable for everything from a small 100 CFM wet well model or a large treatment plant system with thousands of CFM of air.

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7496 Wellington Road 34 RR#3
Guelph, ON
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