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Edmonton new home for innovative e-waste recycling facility

One of Canada’s largest electric and electronic waste recycling facilities is now open for business in Edmonton.

The new facility is expected to process 30,000 tonnes per year of old computers, televisions, and a wide range of electronic and electrical waste materials. Its processes and equipment are considered cutting edge in e-waste recycling in western Canada. “Edmonton’s renowned Waste Management Centre is now home to Canada’s most innovative e-waste recycling facility,” said Mayor Stephen Mandel. “Ed-montonians can be proud of attracting this state-of-the-art facility through their enthusiastic recycling efforts.” “We’re excited to be working with the City of Edmonton, an international leader in waste management, and we look forward to a long-term collaboration built on our mutual priorities of innovation and environmental protection,” said Victor Roth, president of Global Electric and Electronic Processing (GEEP) Alberta. Located at the City of Edmonton’s Waste Management Centre, the new e-waste facility is owned and operated by GEEP Alberta. It is a registered processor under Alberta’s electronics recycling program administered by the Alberta Recycling Management Authority. Edmonton’s two eco stations are registered collection sites for the provincial program. Eco stations accept all types of electronic and electrical household items, including toasters, can openers, power tools, vacuums, computers, monitors and almost anything with a cord or battery, for processing at the GEEP facility. There is no charge for bringing this material to Eco Stations. Edmonton’s new facility is part of EcoVision Edmonton’s vision for an environmentally sustainable city.

Company info

1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, AB
CA, T5J 2R7


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