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Ball bearings double uptime of tire shredders

Ball bearings double uptime of tire shredders
Designed to simplify the process of maintaining tire shredding machines, the Dodge Grip Tight bearing features a flinger seal and a built-in mechanism for removing the bearing from the shaft.

Classifiers use multiple sets of bearings and are used to grade after shredding. A classifier shafts’ set-screw style bearings can get damaged by both fine metal wires in tires, and by water used for cooling. As a result they typically have a lifespan of less than six months.

Changing the classifier bearings can take up to two hours per bearing, depending on the problems encountered and the skill of the operators. Plus, corrosion sometimes means that bearings need to be loosened by heat, and in some cases a whole shaft needs to be replaced.

The Dodge Grip Tight ball bearing is an adapter-style bearing with a mechanical maintenance feature that loosens it by simply turning a nut. The action automatically pulls the bearing off, avoiding any need for forcible removal or expansion heating – eliminating fretting corrosion and preventing shaft damage. The Grip Tight’s built-in flinger seal is engineered to protect bearings in hostile environments, providing a lifespan up to twice as long as screw types. Changeovers are predictable and, following production operator training, take no more than 15 minutes, including the time required to remove and refit machine casings.

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