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Slow-speed shredders ideal for e-scrap

Slow-speed shredders ideal for e-scrap
Ideal for e-scrap operations among others, low-speed, high torque Quad shredders are robust, reliable and versatile machines that are capable of processing mixed materials down to uniform and well liberated “chips.” These “chips” are ideally suited for feed into automated materials recovery systems that separate all of the valuable commodity streams. For electronics processors, SSI has developed unique and application-specific features for it’s Quad shredder line that maximize both performance and on-line reliability. The Q100 Quad shredder (shown here) features 300 to 400 horsepower and is capable of processing commingled electronics scrap at rates ranging from four to six tons per hour, while producing two-inch minus “chips.” Quads are also capable of processing a wide range of materials such as furniture, tires, mattresses, carpet, and nearly anything else that needs to be processed for automated materials recovery. Units also work well for consistently sizing materials into “flowable” product foruse as an alternative energy production fuel source.

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