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Non-Ferrous Horizontal Balers

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Our ATLAS® ET offers affordable, highly efficient, mid-size horizontal balers for non-ferrous scrap. With heavy-duty and stress-engineered construction, the Atlas offers a superior size to weight ratio to meet the demands of scrap baling applications. The specially designed bolt-on and replaceable body and ram shear blades provide optimum performance and ease of maintenance which eliminates pre-cutting of most materials.


Features & Benefits

  • Balance
    The ATLAS® ET features stress-engineered construction for a superior size to weight ratio.

  • Baling
    Vertical tie-off – allows for baling without pre-processing – with 6 tie positions.

  • Ties
    Wire guides for quick and easy ties – tie through the bale chamber door.

  • Cycling
    The programmable UL® Listed controller permits automatic or manual cycling.