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Vecoplan LLC - The Rev 9-A Control Panel Control Panels

The benefits of Revision 9A are realized as a combination of improved communication and control of various shredder features, and expanded operator interface functions. Rev. 9A utilizes the new A-B VersaViewR CE with MicrosoftR Windows CE to bring together the features of PanelViewTM Plus operator interface and VersaView industrial computers. The solid state hardware provides an economical solution for harsh environments, including areas with high temperature, shock, or vibration. The MicroLogic 1200 PLC is filled with features and options designed to handle an extensive range of applications. A field-upgradeable flash operating system ensres you will always be up-to-date with the latest features, without having to replace hardware. An A-B PowerFlext AC Drive (VFD) for variable speed hydraulic feed ram is included in the Rev 9A system. This allows ram speed to be increased by a factor of up to four, called Turbo mode.

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