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Tribogenics - Watson XRF Scarp Metal Identification

In machining, manufacturing, fabrication, and scrap recycling environments, Watson takes the risk out of using an incorrect or out-of-specification alloy. And, for shops that rent XRF instruments, Watson eliminates the need to batch your scrap and stock – with Watson, you can afford to identify your scrap and stock on demand. Watson is ideal for positive material identification (PMI) when screening, sorting, and analyzing metals such as aluminum and steel alloys. Watson’s highresolution, android user interface provides a familiar platform that gets you up and running in minutes. The large display provides guidance and prompts for easy “point and shoot” operation that delivers maximum accuracy, reliability, and confidence


Key Specifications
Energy 50keV
Weight 6.9 lbs. total
Detector Si-PIN diode
Acquisition time 10-30 seconds
Calibration range 24 elements, incl. steel & aluminum modes
Test spot size 10mm
Dimensions 29cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 23cm (H)
Display 5 in. 1080p, multi-touch

Company Info

5440 McConnell Ave
Los Angeles, CA
US, 90066


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