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West Salem Machinery - WSM Horizontal Low RPM Grinders Horizontal Grinders

This complete processing system comes with a belt or vibrating infeed conveyor, power feed mechanism, grinder, and control panel. WSM Grinders are helping businesses from small reman plants to medium sized wood waste generators to the largest composite board manufacturers. WSM’s low profile design makes it easy to locate in your plant, saving space and eliminating costly support structures or special foundations. And the slow speed, high torque cutting action requires lower horsepower and reduces noise lower noise.


Key Specifications: 9 models
Horsepower Range 20 to 70-125 hp
Rotor Diameter (tip to tip) 10" to 16"
Rotor Width 12" to 74"

Company Info

P.O. Box 5288
665 Murlark Ave. NW
Salem, OR
US, 97304


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