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TBG620 Horizontal Grinders

The TBG620 is a powerful, compact and flexible high-speed industrial grinder that can be utilized for various grinding tasks in the field of waste wood. Due to a multitude of possible settings for the grinding process such as material feed rate, engagement of backing device and flail type, a great variety of different materials can be ground on site to the customer’s desired size. Applications include shrubbery clippings, garden waste, compost material, organic waste, bark, trunk and root wood.

The TBG620 is a time-tested, robust and strong grinder that knows its trade. The grinding rotor measures at 1,040 mm diameter x 1,530 mm wide. Powered by a 6-cylinder, John Deere 425 hp (317 kW) diesel engine. This specialized grinder is equipped with multiple talents, which can always be deployed for any productive purpose. Its strength lies in its efficient technology for reliable and trouble-free functioning, self-explanatory operation and time-saving design for quick service and easy maintenance.


Key Specifications
Infeed Dimensions 1'-5" high x 4'-11" wide (450 mm x 1,500 mm)
Rotor Dimensions Upturn; 40" diameter x 60" wide (1,040 mm x 1,530 mm)
Engine John Deere 425 HP (317 kW), diesel

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