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The exclusive combination of performance-enhancing features included on Doppstadt AK series high-speed grinders adds up to one clear advantage: versatility. With precise control over the machine’s various functions, and the consistency with which material is fed to the tramp-tolerant hammermill, product quality is maximized across a wide variety of applications. From the processing of dimensional lumber and green waste, to the conversion of land-clearing material into a final sellable product, Doppstadt AK series grinders can deliver the consistency and product quality you expect for an effective profit-generating operation.

Features & Benefits

Hinged Radiator

Hinged radiator is easily accessible and includes an automatic reversing fan.

Feed Roll

The reversible feed roll feeds the material evenly to the grinding chamber.

Upswing Rotor with Free-Swinging Hammer

The large 2.5-ton rotor with easily replaceable tips grinds the material. The free-swinging design provides protection from contaminants.

One-Piece Sizing Screen

The product size can be adjusted by choosing from screens with mesh sizes between 1” and 16”. Quick change in 10 minutes or less.

Baffle plate

A baffle plate with teeth supports the grinding process, and can be adjusted to maximize wear life.

Slip-on coupling

By means of the slip-on coupling the machine can be moved with the wheel loader grab (only for machines with drawbar).

Hydraulic drive

The machine can be moved by means of the hydraulic self-propelled drive.

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