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Next-Generation Watson XRF Metal Analyzer

X-ray technology innovator Tribogenics today introduced a powerful next-generation Watson XRF metal analyzer following up on last year’s unveiling of the industry’s first sub-$10,000 hand-held XRF analyzer. Despite a range of highly robust enhancements, such as a field-exchangeable and auto-calibrated source cartridge, automated upload of data to the cloud, and a newly attained CE Mark that makes it available to a worldwide growth market, the next-generation Watson XRF device continues to be priced one-half that of competing handheld solutions.

Tribogenics expands sales channels to meet demand for breakthrough, low-cost hand-held XRF technology

Tribogenics, the inventor of triboluminescence-based X-ray technology for industrial, medical and scientific applications, has announced that it has added new sales and distribution coverage to meet the growing demand for the X-ray industry’s first ever hand-held XRF spectrometer device under $10,000. The new Watson hand-held XRF instrument performs positive material identification (PMI) of more than 430 metal alloys in a matter of seconds. New manufacturers representatives PE Systems, PSS and Hill Tech will now sell and support Watson XRF devices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Utah.