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Strategic partnerships lead to success in e-waste

In an age of unprecedented technological innovation where the use and subsequent disposal of consumer electronics is constantly increasing, it may come as a surprise that many electronics recyclers in the U.S. are closing their doors. With heaps of outdated laptops, cell phones, LCD screen televisions and electronic devices piling up, it would seem that the recycling business should be booming.

Strategic Partnerships Bring Success To U.S. Electronics Recyclers

Mt. Pleasant, Mich.-based 3S International, a national electronics and lamp (light bulb) processor, has announced that it has formed strategic partnerships with regional and national recycling companies including IMS Electronics, Kuusakoski Recycling and Valley City Electronic Recycling as part of its strategic growth plan. By partnering with recyclers with different capabilities, 3S is able to share resources and expand their service region, while providing partners with the only safe downstream solution for LCD screens and mercury-containing devices. Gina Yob, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for 3S International, made the announcement.