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CAT de-canner uses guillotine and crushing action

Based on the success of their CAT de-canner in Europe, Crow Environmental recently announced the product’s availability in the North American market. The unit uses a guillotine to cut an end-of-life auto’s catalytic converter and then squashes the can to crush the inner core, allowing easy extraction of the valuable remaining ceramic and dust. Extracted material is stored in a 55 gallon drum mounted under a work table.

High-volume de-pollution systems

The Crow Environmental range of vehicle de-pollution systems are built for the high-volume extraction of vehicle fluids. The system pumps fluids into a storage tank and uses depollution bays that handle 30 to 50 cars per day, manned by one operator. Up to 10 bays can be added to a single set of tanks, and a unique fuel extraction and filtering system allows one operator to reclaim and process fuel for reuse in any vehicle.