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CanSort meatball drums

These CanSort Meatball Drums are engineered for maximum meatball extraction (meatballs are copper containing material found in scrap metal.) Using extremely strong Super-Energy Rare Earth, Neodymium Iron Boron permanent magnets, installed in optimized magnetic circuits, these units are available in 36-inch, 48-inch, 60-inch and 70-inch widths and matching drum diameters.

Container tilter introduced

The TEME Container Tilter is ideal for use in recycling, scrap metal and bulk handling industries. Trailers with a container enter a TEME Tilter Station, and the container is unlocked from the trailer and secured to the Tilter. Once locked into place, the Tilter lifts the container free from the trailer, allowing the trailer to be driven away. The doors of the empty container are then opened against an automated closing mechanism and the TEME Tilter lifts the container up to 90 degrees to allow for loading by a crane or conveyor.
Tilting the container ensures all of the container volume is used and it is filled to its full capacity. Plus, load cells within the base of the of the Tilter monitor desired load weight. When loaded, container doors are automatically closed in sequence and held firmly shut while it returns back to its home position. The loaded container can then be transferred onto the trailer and removed. Units are available for 20- and 40-foot containers or as a combination unit.