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ISRI calls China's final scrap import standards disappointing for recycling industry

​Consumer Battery Collection & Recycling Leader Releases Innovation to Increase Battery Safety and Reduce Risks

TORONTO, Ontario - Call2Recycle Canada, Inc., Canada's national consumer battery collection and recycling organization, has announced an innovation to bolster the safety in handling and transporting potentially dangerous batteries in Canada. Its battery collection containers now will include an innovative, flame retardant liner.  This new feature is part of the organization's Charge Up Safety!™ initiative to further the safe collection, transport and recycling of consumer batteries. 

Is the recycling industry facing a fire epidemic?

There is certainly no simple answer to the question: is there a fire epidemic facing the recycling industry? But it is an issue that needs addressing. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines an epidemic "as an outbreak or product of sudden rapid spread, growth or development." Although we have been faced with facility fires in the waste and recycling industry for years, we are just now seeing the real extent of the problem.

STEINERT's KSS multi-sensor system: a flexible combination sorting solution for electronic waste (WEEE)

Commencing work at STEINERT's Test Centre in Cologne in May, 2015, Swiss company Bühlmann Recycling prepared an especially demanding sorting task for the applications specialists. The challenge was to use a flexible facility (i.e. one that could be adapted to future input materials) to manufacture a variety of products so that the investment could continue to safeguard the future. The feed bunker contained electronic waste (WEEE). Today, after approximately two years, the facility is being operated by STEINERT partner MWN in Lyss, Switzerland, where it produces the desired results.

Refind Technologies brings optical battery sorting technology to Ontario

Refind Technologies AB is a technology company based out of Gothenburg, Sweden. The company specializes in the use of cameras and software with artificial intelligence designed to teach systems to recognize objects based on their appearance. Refind's technology is designed mainly for the recovery of used batteries and electronics, but the company says they have also recently found application in the fishing industry for species identification.

State-of-the-art recycling facility in Ontario set to help meet 2020 lamp disposal ban target

In October, Veolia announced the expansion of its electronics and lamp recycling capabilities in Canada with the opening of a new, 5,000 square foot, state-of-the-art recycling facility located in Pickering, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area). While the plant's primary purpose is to provide lamp-recycling services for customers across Ontario and other Canadian provinces, other electronics and mercury-bearing wastes can also be handled for customers out of this facility as appropriate. Veolia currently also provides industrial cleaning and hazardous materials management services from this location.

​America Recycles Day Celebrates Recycling Industry's Innumerable Economic and Environmental Benefits

 (Washington, DC) - The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the Voice of the Recycling Industry, celebrates America Recycles Day November 15th, by applauding all individuals who make a strong effort to recycle as part of daily life, and encouraging all to learn more about recycling and the industry. America Recycles Day, a national initiative of Keep America Beautiful, takes place yearly on November 15 in an effort to promote and celebrate recycling in the U.S. 


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Registration Open for ISRI’s 2018 Convention and Exposition

(Washington, DC)- Registration is open for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries' (ISRI) Annual Convention and Exposition. ISRI2018, the world's largest annual gathering of scrap recycling professionals, will be held April 14-19, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. ISRI2018 is set to provide scrap recyclers from around the world with the educational and networking opportunities, product showcases, and industry news needed to maximize their time, dollars, and return on investment. 

​Top 10 Take-Action Tips for Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Canadians generate a lot of waste. On average, every Canadian will generate 720 kg (1,587 lbs.) of waste that goes to landfill, which is equal weight to a full grown female giraffe. In the spirit of Waste Reduction Week in Canada here are ten easy take-action tips that will reduce our reliance on landfills and help you adopt more environmentally conscious choices.

​Sims Metal Management Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Sims Metal Management Limited, the world's leading listed metal and electronics recycler and services provider, is proud to be celebrating 100 years in the recycling business. Since its inception in 1917, a company started by Albert Sims with a single small yard in Sydney Australia has evolved into a global business. Over that time, the Company has recycled more than 250 million tonnes of metal and generated revenue of over $100 billion.

New AutoSort Laser designed to increase sorting efficiency for household and commercial waste

TOMRA Sorting Recycling has announced the launch of a sensor-based sorting machine based on laser technology. AUTOSORT LASER enables the separation of glass, ceramics, stones, metals and plastics from household and commercial waste. Its capabilities allow material recovery facilities (MRFs) to further fractionalize waste and reduce overall weight for landfill, thereby significantly reducing landfill costs. Moreover, AUTOSORT LASER helps create additional revenue streams through the recovery of salable products.

​MSS Announces Next Generation of Metal Recovery Technology

Nashville, TN - MSS, Inc., the optical sorter division of CP Group, has introduced MetalMiner, the next generation of induction-based true all-metal detectors. MSS has designed and built induction metal sorters for over 40 years, and this latest iteration was designed specifically to handle auto shredder residue (ASR), electronic scrap, plastic flake and glass cullet applications. One of the most relevant new technical features of the MetalMiner is the patent pending MapLine algorithm. 


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SICON Laser Sort introduced

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is currently one of the most exciting developments within the scrap industry. Based on the chemical element analysis of each individual object passing through the sorter, the all-new SICON LASER SORT delivers a solution to tackle the growing demand for unmixed aluminum alloys and pure non-ferrous metals with special focus on aluminum recyclers, secondary aluminum and non-ferrous smelters.

Aqua Metals' lead-acid battery recycling technology winner of Breakthrough Solution of the Year

ALAMEDA, California - Aqua Metals, Inc., which is commercializing a non-polluting electrochemical lead recycling technology called AquaRefining, was named winner of the Platts Global Metals Award, presented by S&P Global Platts, for the Breakthrough Solution of the Year. This is the second year in a row that Aqua Metals has been recognized for its innovation and leadership in the metals world. Both awards recognize the AquaRefining process, the lead industry's first environmentally friendly technology for lead-acid battery recycling.

Recycling industry returns to New Orleans for scrap sector’s largest gathering

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the Voice of the Recycling Industr, will hold ISRI2017, the association’s annual convention and exposition April 22-27 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. This annual event brings together thousands of scrap recycling professionals, industry experts, manufacturers, and consumers from all 50 states and more than 40 countries. There they will discuss the latest in the global scrap recycling business and evaluate the state-of-the-art equipment, products, and services used by the industry.

Mobile App launched, scrap database unveiled and specs updated

April 20, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) announced the release of an updated version of ISRI Mobile with enhanced communication features. Users of the iPhone and Android apps will now have the ability to receive customized notifications and more detailed alerts pertaining to the recycling industry.

​Hewlett Packard Answers the Call for e-Trash Transparency

Environmental groups praised the Hewlett Packard Company March 16th, for its recent announcement that they will henceforth reveal to the public where all of their electronic waste goes. This call for "e-Trash Transparency" was one of the demands of the global toxic trade watchdog organization, Basel Action Network's (BAN) e-Trash Transparency Project, which utilized GPS tracking devices placed within discarded electronic equipment to find out what really happens with our electronic waste. The project revealed, in its two reports "Disconnect" and "Scam Recycling", that American consumers are often duped by recyclers or thrift shops like Goodwill Industries, when they claim environmentally safe recycling and instead export the equipment to developing countries. BAN's investigation discovered that 40% of old printers and monitors were exported to countries like Pakistan and China where they are most often broken down in dangerous backyard operations exposing workers and the environment to dangerous substances such as mercury and lead. 

​Sims Recycling Solutions achieves NAID AAA certification; launches subsidiary

Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS), a leading provider of global IT asset disposition (ITAD) services, has announced that it’s U.S. on-site destruction services are now nationally AAA Certified by the U.S.-based National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). NAID AAA Certification creates and verifies the qualifications of certified information destruction providers, like SRS. This rigorous process ensures that the data security needs of global enterprises meet numerous laws and regulations requiring protection of confidential customer information.


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Johnson Controls and Aqua Metals sign break-through battery recycling technology partnership

Johnson Controls and Aqua Metals have finalized an agreement covering North America, China and Europe. Under the agreement Johnson Controls will become the first licensee for Aqua Metals' AquaRefining technology, as well as supply Aqua Metals with batteries to recycle as a service, as part of the Johnson Controls closed-loop network. The agreement also involves Johnson Controls' purchase of AquaRefined metals produced from Aqua Metals’ facilities, and the company will acquire just under 5 percent of Aqua Metals outstanding shares for Aqua Metals' cutting-edge electrochemical battery recycling technology. 

E-waste recyclers discuss future trends

The Internet of Things is one of the key trends of the future. Already today, 15 billion things are digitally connected with one another and experts predict an increase to 50 billion devices in the IoT (Internet of Things) by the year 2020. These things include not only computers, tablets and smartphones, but also wearables, consumer electronics and the vehicles we use. However, although this trend offers consumers far greater convenience, it can present recycling companies with a range of difficulties, a fact that was clearly underlined at this year's International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2017 in Salzburg.

​UBC’s urban miners keeping LEDs out of landfills

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs last much longer and use less energy than fluorescent lights and are becoming a popular choice for holiday lighting, indoor lights and many other uses. Maria Holuszko, a University of B.C. (UBC) mineral processing engineer and her PhD student Amit Kumar have found a way to make LEDs even more environmentally friendly. They’ve evaluated a process that recovers valuable metals in LEDs and reduces the amount of waste that eventually ends up in landfills.

Call2Recycle Reports Double Digit Growth in Battery Collections; Credits Growing Consumer Network

Call2Recycle, Inc., North America's first and largest battery stewardship and recycling organization, has reported that consumers recycled a record-setting 14 million pounds (6.3 million kilograms) of batteries and cellphones in collections throughout the U.S. and Canada in 2016. The organization says enhanced accessibility and consumer awareness played a vital role in driving the 12 percent increase in total weight of materials collected and responsibly recycled by the organization over 2015.

16th International Electronics Recycling Congress takes place January, 2017, in Salzburg, Austria

The 16th International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2017 will take place from January 17 – 20, 2017 in Salzburg, Austria. According to event producer, Switzerland-based ICM, IERC 2017 is the electronics recycling industry’s most important event, bringing together over 500 international experts: producers, recyclers, equipment manufacturers, recycling associations, standards bodies, refurbishers, NGOs, regulators and many more.

ISRI calls for a permanent exemption for bulk unlocking of mobile devices

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) recently submitted comments to the United States Copyright Office, a department of the Library of Congress, supporting a permanent exemption for mobile communications device unlocking as well as broadening the exemption to all types of mobile communication devices allowing lawful owners of these devices to use them with the service provider of their choice. The comments are in response to the Office’s Section 1201 Study, a part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA).


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