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CBI and Terex Ecotec to demonstrate equipment live at COMPOST 2018

Sulzer completes acquisition of JWC Environmental

Sulzer has announced that it has completed the acquisition of JWC Environmental, LLC. JWC is a leading provider of highly engineered, mission-critical solids reduction and removal products including grinders, screens, and dissolved air flotation systems for municipal, industrial and commercial wastewater applications, as well as for applications in solid waste management.

BossTek announces debut of DustBoss DB-30 Fusion

BossTek has introduced the newest model in its growing family of self-powered dust suppression equipment, as BossTek announces the debut of the DustBoss DB-30 Fusion.  The new design is a versatile and transportable atomized mist unit, engineered with a workhorse electric motor and 30 KW generator.  Permanently mounted on a rugged road-worthy trailer, the company's Fusion lineup is proving to be a popular and effective means of delivering powerful dust suppression technology to sites that lack a convenient power source.   

​Neustarr to launch Neuenhauser Targo 3000 Single-shaft shredder at Waste Expo

The Targo 3000 is a new, universal single-shaft shredder designed and built in Germany by Neuenhauser, and will be on display at the Waste Exp in Las Vegas Apil 24th - 26th. Expanding the company product line from star and trommel screens into the slow-speed shredder market, the Targo 3000 unit features a 535 HP John Deere Tier IV engine with a 3-meter long shredder shaft that rotates at 31 rpm and is equipped with either 21 or 42 bolt on teeth. This machine is available as a wheel or track unit, and the different tooth configurations and an adjustable hydraulic comb mean it can be set up to process a variety of products including C&D, stumps, green waste, domestic and industrial waste.

New partnership and recycling program to divert close to 1 million pounds of food waste from Toronto landfills

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bentall Kennedy recently announced the breaking of new ground and efforts to close the loop on food waste through an innovative technology partnership with Hop Compost and Waste Solutions Canada that will divert almost 1,000,000 pounds of food waste from landfills by 2020. Starting in 2018, Bentall Kennedy will roll out the organics collection service to 18 of its properties in the Greater Toronto Area. This new technology converts food waste into soil to be re-purposed for landscaping at participating properties.

GFL Shares Bio-Cycle Sustainability Story

At the Farm Forum Event in early December, in Calgary, GFL's Bio-Cycle Solutions hosted a tour of the Nutrient Recycling Centre where they collect the organic waste needed to make their fertilizer product, Bio-Sul. Director of Organic Solutions for Green for Life, Don Francis, says the Centre collects about 35,000 tonnes of organic waste a year from restaurants and grocery stores in the Calgary area. The organic waste is removed from it's packaging at the facility, and turned into what they like to call "goo", which gets mixed with carbon, straw and wood waste at one of their compost sites.

BM&M flat gyratory screen is right fit for stationary bark and green waste recovery

Oren Posner is the owner of Lane Forest Products based out of Eugene, Oregon. The company supplies landscaping products and runs organics recycling and biomass recovery operations out of two locations, where they turn incoming organics into valuable, reusable materials. When asked to consider why his company uses star screens in their mobile operations, but installed a BM&M flat gyratory screen in their stationary bark and green waste recovery operations back in 1995, Oren says: "Star screens or disc screens are fixed. These types of screens have few variables to play with and if the market changes or your customers' requirements change you cannot adapt with star screen technology. This is not the case with a BM&M screen."

Basic 518 Screen provides economic separation of materials in compact size

With the new trommel screen Basic 518, the environmental specialist Doppstadt has placed a basic solution for small and medium municipal environmental services and recycling plants on the market. The innovation has a telling name: The Basic 518 has got exactly what it takes for a first step into the separation of material mixtures. 


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Building on the Model Compost Rule Template

Consider these facts. There are more than 4,700 facilities composting organics in the U.S., as per the "2017 State of Organics Recycling in the U.S." report released this fall by BioCycle magazine. There are 3,007 counties in the United States, most of which are required to update solid waste management plans on a regular basis. More than half of all U.S. states are in the market for a regulatory update and many of the rest are in the process of updating outdated regulations. That's a lot of regulatory and legislative action on the horizon for the compost manufacturing industry. 

Harvest Quest inoculants Key to Charleston County’s rise to compost industry leader

Charleston County, South Carolina opened their compost facility in 1989. Back then, the concept was quite visionary and progressive - the idea of a municipality operating a compost site was still rather nascent. But for the first 20 years the outcome was moderate at best, as the operation mostly stockpiled green waste and let time do most of the work. That all changed dramatically in 2011 when they reached out to Darren Midlane of Harvest Quest. After applying Harvest Quest inoculants and committing to the MSAP (modified aerobic static pile) method, Charleston County's composting facility has transformed from the "armpit" of the landfill to a crown jewel of national waste management.

Burning through waste, cooking up compost

Jeff Barber has worked at the Rapid City Solid Waste Division, in South Dakota, for 18 years and currently manages their yard waste and landfill operations. The division also provides residential collection of curbside recycling and operates an MRF. Barber's team produces three different types of compost, made from incoming MSW (municipal solid waste) or yard waste, including a 50/50 MSW/yard waste mix. The MSW and 50/50 composts are processed in a controlled environment, with the yard waste operation manually watering and turning the material to maintain an aerated, hygienically safe and finished product.

Compostable single-serve coffee pods approved for Seattle food waste collection

Seattle-area residents can now compost single serve coffee pods with the rest of their food waste.  Composter Cedar Grove has approved all coffee pods made using the certified 100% compostable PurPod100™ innovation as the first to be accepted in their residential curbside organics programs serving more than 300,000 households in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Maple Reinders' Calgary Compost Facility Wins Award for Project Infrastructure

Maple Reinders is the proud recipient of a Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP) National Award for Innovation & Excellence. The City of Calgary Compost Facility, delivered by Chinook Resource Management Group, a special purpose company of which Maple Reinders PPP Ltd. is a partner, won the Silver Award for Infrastructure. Awards were announced at the annual CCPPP National Conference on November 6, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario. 

Smallest shredder in Doppstadt's AK range now offers greater power and drop height

At the recycling yard, compost plant or for agricultural contracting: the new Doppstadt AK 310 EcoPower shredder is at home everywhere. It processes preshredded trunks, roots and waste wood just as reliably as green waste or organic waste, and is great for substrate processing for turnips, potatoes and dung. The compact, versatile shredder (total weight 16 tonnes) is designed for on-road use and is brought to the work site by truck. On site, it can be moved around by wheel loader - even when there is not much space. The machine is fed by wheel loader, excavator or the front loader on the tractor.


In 2016, Komptech introduced the Topturn X4500, the smallest compost turner in their product line. Komptech built the Topturn X4500 with the same pioneering design, and high-performance qualities of their larger models.  Komptech was recently recognized and awarded the Red Dot Award for product design at the 2017 award ceremonies held in October, in Singapore.


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Steinert UniSort Black helps produce high quality organics

The operators of composting facilities are faced with a dilemma. On the one hand, customers are demanding compost of increasingly higher quality. On the other, organic waste contains a steadily rising amount of foreign particles. However, the sorting process begins not at the composting facility but in people's homes as they decide what to put into the organic waste bin. That's why municipalities in particular have to do more to educate their citizens and counteract people's "sorting fatigue." The UniSort Black from Steinert serves as a supplemental quality assurance element in processing facilities.

​CBI hosts 2017 Factory Forum at New Hampshire headquarters

 NEWTON, N.H. - Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) hosted its 2017 Factory Forum October 3rd through 5th at its global headquarters in Newton, putting on live demos and workshops for guests from around the world. The three day event saw guests from Sweden, Brazil, and various businesses throughout the United States, including local customers who partnered with CBI for the live demonstrations.

​Top 10 Take-Action Tips for Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Canadians generate a lot of waste. On average, every Canadian will generate 720 kg (1,587 lbs.) of waste that goes to landfill, which is equal weight to a full grown female giraffe. In the spirit of Waste Reduction Week in Canada here are ten easy take-action tips that will reduce our reliance on landfills and help you adopt more environmentally conscious choices.

Diversifying capability on the path to growth

In the early 2000s, John Desrosiers recognized the need for a reliable organics recycling operation in the greater Tampa/Sarasota market in Florida. In their first few years, 1 Stop Landscape Supply would take in green waste and other organic materials and reprocess it into useful mulch and soil amendments. Composting soon followed on a small scale at their 10-acre site. Today, 1 Stop operates a 100-acre facility and has the equipment and expertise to recycle almost any organic waste, and even reprocess concrete into a consistent 250 paver sand. Food waste recycling is next.

Maple Reinders Consortium announces Canada's First P3 Biosolids Project

MISSISSAUGA, ON - Maple Reinders announced that on June 29th, the Chinook Resource Management Group, a special purpose company of which Maple Reinders PPP Ltd. is a partner, achieved substantial completion on time and on budget for the City of Calgary's Source Separated Organics (SSO) and Class A Biosolids in-vessel composting facility. This project was delivered under a DBFOM* Public-Private Partnership (P3) model. In addition to being the first composting facility to be delivered under the P3 model in Canada, it is also the largest of its kind in North America, demonstrating the City of Calgary's commitment to sustainability and the diversion of renewable resources from landfill disposal.

It’s in the BAG

Envirem Organics Inc. was born out of the construction industry. In 1994, Bob Kiely, the company’s current president and GM, started at Envirem Technologies, Inc., part of a New Brunswick-based construction firm involved in contaminated soil remediation. Envirem Technologies then evolved into Envirem Organics in 2010, of which Bob Kiely is founder and owner.

​PEI leads Canada in recycling and composting

According to Statistics Canada’s 2014 waste-management survey, Prince Edward Islanders each divert an average of 429 kilograms of waste to recycling or organic processing – which is well above the Canadian average of 255 kilograms per person. British Columbia residents ranked second, diverting 358 kilograms per person from landfills.


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IPL lands a major contract for organic carts with the City of Calgary

IPL Inc., a North American producers of injection-molded plastic products, has announced that it has won a major contract for providing organic wheeled carts to The City of Calgary, Alberta. The contract, worth 13 million dollars, includes key production and delivery of 325,000 organic rolling carts intended for the implementation of a new composting program beginning in summer 2017 in all single-family homes of the city.

​SCS Engineers Assists the County of Santa Clara with Compost Processing Capacity and Organics Diversion Study

SCS Engineers has been retained by the County of Santa Clara to study the County’s capacity to process compost and divert organic material. The County has a strong commitment to forward-thinking waste diversion and recycling; with progressive programs already in place such as sustainable gardening, composting education, household and small business hazardous waste, green business certification programs, and more.

From wood waste to biomass fuel with Volvo Penta engines and ARJES machinery

When wood processor Larry Simpson was deciding how to move forward with his business, he opted for a new primary shredder to replace an old grinding machine. The owner of Evergreen Tree and Turf Care knew that he needed a higher specification yet easy to maintain unit, that would do the job efficiently while being cost-effective. So he chose to buy an ARJES VZ 850 DK primary shredder, powered by a 16-liter Volvo Penta diesel engine.