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EDGE launches TRT516 trommel screen

The EDGE TRT516 Trommel Screener is a screening solution ideal for mid-size operations with on-site space restrictions and for those operators who wish to regularly reposition their screen onsite. The TRT516 Track Trommel combines a robust durable machine with a quick and easy transport design. It is ideal for the processing of compost, topsoil, domestic household waste and construction and demolition waste.

McCloskey's portable UF1200 universal feeder delivers 650+ TPH production

McCloskey now has a high capacity, powerful and reliable universal feeder in its line-up. Designed for virtually any application, the UF1200 can significantly enhance production levels. The UF1200 comes with a standard Tipping Grid, and offers a number of options including Vibrating Grid, Aggregate Hopper, Mulch Hopper or Shredder. The stockpile height at 24 degrees reaches 4.0m (13'-3") making the feeder an efficient partner for stackers.

Watch this: CBI and Terex Ecotec demo grinding, shredding and screening equipment at US Composting Council event

Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) and Terex Ecotec drew big crowds at the US Composting Council's 2018 Conference and Equipment Show, held in  Atlanta, January 22 through 25. More than 1,200 guests attended the trade show with hundreds of industry professionals stopping by the demo site to see CBI and Ecotec machines run live. CBI showcased the 5800BT and 6800BT horizontal grinders. Terex Ecotec ran the TDS 820 Slow Speed Shredder, the Phoenix 2100 Trommel Screen, and the TWT 500 Windrow Turner throughout the day.

​Komptech Americas secures Tyalta for distribution in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwest Territories

Alberta-based company Tyalta Industries Inc., has been in the aggregate equipment industry for 22+ years and wanted to complement their aggregate product line with a high-quality manufacture of organic processing equipment.  They recently partnered with Komptech Americas to offer screens, shredders, windrow turners and separation technology in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwest Territories.

ISRI calls China's final scrap import standards disappointing for recycling industry

In response to the publishing of the final Environmental Protection Control Standards for Imports of Solid Wastes as Raw Materials (GB 16487.2-13) - the quality standards for imported scrap by China's Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has released the following statement:

​Seven steps to effective briquetting in C&D and MRF applications

The following are seven steps in a typical system for shredding and briquetting old pallets and other types of demolition stream waste wood.

  • Storing Raw Material: Old pallets and waste wood from demolition streams needs to be stored out of the elements to keep it dry. Coloured pallets should be sorted out.
  • Shredding: Raw material is fed into a shred­der for size reduction.
  • Sorting: Shredded raw material is conveyed past one of several magnet separators for sorting of nails. An adjustable gap between the transport belt and the vacuum inlet for the hammer mill ensures that nails that have not been sorted out by the magnet separator will fall down and not be sucked into the hammer mill.
  • Hammermill: The raw material passes through a hammermill before going into a large storage silo.
  • Storing processed material: A large storage silo is used to contain shredded and milled raw material. In a 400-cubic metre silo, at the bottom of the silo there is room for two briquetting presses.
  • Briquetting: From manufacturer, C.F. Nielsen, two model BP5500 briquetters, positioned in the silo, will produce a total of approx. 2.5 tons of briquettes per hour. The presses can run unmanned around the clock in a silo that is 400 cubic metres in size.
  • Briquette storage: Briquettes are placed in a pile coming directly from the briquetting presses via the cooling lines. Briquettes allow for maximum bulk density, for storage, handling and transport.
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VecoBELT a true all-rounder for transporting bulk materials

With high operational reliability and flexible application possibilities, conveyor belts are indispensable for the transport of all types of bulk goods, including recyclable materials. Transportation lines and material streams are important aspects of every production plant. They need to be cost-effective, efficient and above all reliable in continuous operation. A true all-rounder in transport systems for bulk materials is the recently introduced VecoBelt pipe conveyor from Vecoplan.  

BM&M flat gyratory screen is right fit for stationary bark and green waste recovery

Oren Posner is the owner of Lane Forest Products based out of Eugene, Oregon. The company supplies landscaping products and runs organics recycling and biomass recovery operations out of two locations, where they turn incoming organics into valuable, reusable materials. When asked to consider why his company uses star screens in their mobile operations, but installed a BM&M flat gyratory screen in their stationary bark and green waste recovery operations back in 1995, Oren says: "Star screens or disc screens are fixed. These types of screens have few variables to play with and if the market changes or your customers' requirements change you cannot adapt with star screen technology. This is not the case with a BM&M screen."

​Green Recycling first in UK to invest in Max-AI robotic sorting technology

Essex, UK -  Leading UK industrial & commercial waste specialist, Green Recycling, has announced the purchase of a Max-AI™ AQC (Autonomous Quality Control) to increase recovery of recyclables without adding additional manual labour at the company's commercial and commingled dry recyclables MRF in Maldon, Essex. Green Recycling is the first company in the UK to invest in this new technology, which has already been successfully installed in three US MRFs. Green Recycling's Max-AI AQC will be operational in Q1 2018.

China's Proposed Contaminants Thresholds not in line with global standards, according to ISRI

In response to China's notification to the World Trade Organization (WTO) of its intent to adopt Environmental Protection Control Standards for Imported Solid Wastes as Raw Materials (GB 16487.2-13), the standards that set the allowable contaminants thresholds for scrap imports, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) released the following statement earlier this month.


The disc screen is a simple piece of equipment that is ideal for screening woody biomass. It consists of a series of driven shaft assemblies mounted in a frame.  Each rotor shaft assembly has profiled discs mounted at regular spacings. The discs from one shaft interleaf with those on the adjacent shafts, creating open areas between the discs and the shafts.  

SIMPLE MATH: Crunching the Numbers leads to alternative fuel source for Bevo Farms

Simple math - that's the answer Leo Benne of Bevo Farms provides when asked why North America's top propagation company got into the wood waste recycling business. With 48 acres (19.4 hectares) of greenhouses in Langley, British Columbia, and another 5.5 acres (2.2 hectares) in neighbouring Pitt Meadows, it takes an incredible amount of energy to keep Bevo Farms' facilities at the right temperatures during the colder months of the year. So when natural gas prices began to rise in the early 2000s, the company began considering alternative fuel sources and added a wood boiler for its heating system - a decision that eventually led Bevo Farms into the wood waste recycling industry.

​CBI hosts 2017 Factory Forum at New Hampshire headquarters

 NEWTON, N.H. - Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) hosted its 2017 Factory Forum October 3rd through 5th at its global headquarters in Newton, putting on live demos and workshops for guests from around the world. The three day event saw guests from Sweden, Brazil, and various businesses throughout the United States, including local customers who partnered with CBI for the live demonstrations.

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Repurposing the screen

Terry Gillis, GM at Recovery 1, Inc., Tacoma, Washington, has seen the market change - a lot. Back in 1998 Recovery 1 was focused on wood waste recovery and had purchased two gyratory BM&M Chip Screens to provide final sizing of fuel chips before they were delivered to the stock pile.  A vibratory screen provided 6-inch + material to a 1,000 hp hammer mill and 6-inch minus material to a 500 hp rotary hog. As Recovery 1's processed wood exited the grinders, it was delivered to one of the two BM&M screens for final sizing (to 2-inch minus).  

Vermeer offers brush chipper with gas engine

Vermeer continues to expand its line of gas chippers with the introduction of the BC1800XL gas brush chipper — its largest, most powerful gas model to-date. Sharing the same performance qualities as its diesel counterpart, the new Vermeer BC1800XL gas brush chipper is the right machine for large-diameter chipping jobs, ranging from land clearing to tree care operations.

CBI sending industrial grinders south for debris cleanup

Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) is equipping debris management contractors with horizontal wood grinders to play a central role in cleanup after recent storm damage in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. CBI is providing more than ten machines for contractors who depend on the durability and high-production rates of CBI products, particularly the 6800BT Horizontal Grinder. 

​Rotochopper Hosts 7th Annual Demo Day

Rotochopper, Inc. hosted their 7th annual Demo Day on September 13th. Approximately 120 customers and prospects from the US and Canada attended the event with the theme "See Red Go Green".  The day began with tours of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, providing attendees the opportunity to see Rotochopper grinders in every stage of manufacture, from cutting to final inspection and testing. The facility tours also provided guests the opportunity to meet the teams who design, build, and support their Rotochopper equipment. 

New mobile shredder solutions coming in October

At the start of October, the environmental technology company Doppstadt will be launching its new mobile shredder solutions — the AK 560 and AK 635 EcoPower shredders, with the latest technical updates and a new rear conveyor option. Doppstadt's AK 635 comes with an eight-meter rear conveyor as standard, and the AK 560 can be fitted with a six-meter rear conveyor. 

​Rotochopper announces Generation 2 Colorizer

Rotochopper has announced the launch of their Generation 2 Colorizer. The Generation 2 Colorizer builds on the success of the original Rotochopper patent by increasing throughput capacity without sacrificing single-pass coverage. The original Colorizer patent gives Rotochopper grinders the exclusive advantage of injecting colourant directly in the grinding chamber, using the force of the grinding process to evenly coat all mulch particles.

Shredding It Out

Without question, the shredder plays a central role in the ever-evolving business of recycling and waste management, not only for processing metals, ELVs and tires but also for size reduction of an increasingly wide range of materials. The latest models easily handle everything from plastics and fibre, e-waste and ASR (auto shredder residue) to organics and biomass, as well as C&D debris and solid waste for refuse-derived fuel (RDF) applications. 

Vecoplan develops energy-efficient single-shaft shredders for wood-processing companies

Vecoplan's newly developed and compact VAZ series are durable and sturdy single-shaft shredders which enable joiners and carpenters in particular to process wood leftovers in a dependable way. The series is equipped with energy-efficient drive technology. Wood processors benefit from its very low operating costs. The single-shaft shredders have now made a successful debut at the international trade fair LIGNA 2017.

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Latest mechanical, hydraulic and screw extrusion presses for briquetting applications available from Briquetting Systems

Briquetting Systems is a multi-line distributor based out of Vancouver, B.C. Recently, the company announced the availability of two new mechanical presses from manufacturer C.F. Nielsen AS, a leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses based out of Denmark. From raw material - including agricultural waste, wood, paper, plant dust and other biomass residues and wastes - C.F. Nielsen's full-line of briquetting solutions produce briquettes for use in large boilers and power plants as well as log-type briquettes for use in fireplaces and wood-burning stoves by consumers.

New Vermeer WC2500TX whole tree chipper packs power in compact design

Vermeer has extended its whole tree chipper product line with the introduction of the WC2500TX tracked whole tree chipper. The WC2500TX offers the same performance and compact design as the recently released WC2500XL whole tree chipper by Vermeer, but is equipped with a tracked undercarriage to aid in maneuverability in the woods and on tough landclearing sites.  

McCloskey responds to worldwide growth with investments in new facilities and dealers

Screening and crushing industry leader McCloskey International has continued its expansion over the past three years, with close to 35% growth overall, increased market share, major investments in its manufacturing facilities, and the introduction of a new division. In lockstep with this growth was the addition of over 30 dealers to the global distribution network.

Capitalizing on an opportunity

When landfills throughout the United States and Canada began banning yard waste dumping in the 1990s, entrepreneurial-minded individuals carved out new businesses for themselves by opening yard waste transfer stations and compost facilities to collect grass clippings, sod, leaves, as well as tree branches, limbs and logs. Collecting all this material was a new way of making money, but the real opportunity was in taking someone else's waste and turning it into a useful product. 

​Bandit Color Max Colouring System Now Available For Beast Horizontal Grinders

Bandit’s new enhanced Color Max colorizer system is designed to create beautiful coloured landscape mulch from waste wood. According to Bandit Industries, their Color Max colourizer system is a quick, efficient, cost-effective system that outperforms all other colouring systems, creating the highest quality coloured mulch faster and with lower operating costs.

Ties 2 cuts energy costs by $400,000 in first year with CBI stationary system

Going from $4.50 a ton to $1.00 a ton is significant when your business processes 150,000 tons of railroad ties a year, and that’s exactly what Ties 2 accomplished by upgrading to their CBI electric stationary system. Last year, Continental Biomass Industries custom designed and installed an electric stationary system that grinds 600 – 800 tons of railroad ties on a daily basis for Ties 2. 

Peterson introduces latest Drum Chipper

Peterson Pacific has released the all-new  3310 drum chipper. With a 540 hp (402 kW) Caterpillar engine, the 3310 has the power to handle up to 24-inch (61 cm) diameter logs. The fully enclosed engine compartment keeps things clean, but is easily serviced by large access doors on both sides of the machine.

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