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Wood pellet production facilities produce gases from their dryers and heat energy systems that must be cleaned in order to meet U.S. local, state and federal requirements for air emissions. The unique nature of the contaminated gas stream makes reducing the concentrations of these constituents a complex technical challenge.


Aspectrics, Inc. unveils the novel EP-NIR 2750 and the innovative EP-NIR 2750i bio-fuels analyzers. The additions further extend the Aspectrics range of EP-NIR analyzers developed to respond to scientists’ needs working in process, biofuels, ambient air monitoring, stack gas analysis and speciality gases industries. Aspectrics’ EP-NIR biofuel analyzers feature an ultra fast scanning rate of 100 scans/second while achieving an impressive spectral range of 128 photometric channels and enables users to monitor their processes in real time. Aspectrics’ packages include a multi-component spectrometer, instrument control and data processing software as well as an optimized sampling accessory or method development bench. Encoded photometric infrared (EP-IR) spectroscopy is a breakthrough for the process monitoring industry, providing ultra fast sampling capability (100 Hz) for multi-component analysis in a rugged design.


Cemtrex Inc. has launched an in-situ emission monitor product line with Tunable Diode Laser (TDL)-based laser gas analyzer for continuous measurements of ammonia, hydrogen chloride and nitrogen oxides in flue gases emitted from power plants and incinerators. The in-situ system in the Cemtrex Model No. ZSS eliminates the need for transferring measuring gas to an analyzer through a chiller sampling system. The ZSS model comes in a dust-resistant construction and can be installed before a bag filter where gas sampling could not be conducted previously. “This is the first laser gas analyzer system produced for emission monitoring in various processes by a domestic manufacturer, which is less costly and more reliable,” said Aron Govil, Cemtrex president and CEO, “and in SCR outlet applications where sampling is very difficult due to salt formations in sampling line, our model ZSS would offer tremendous advantage.” Cemtrex manufactures and sells the most advanced instruments for emission monitoring of particulate, opacity, mercury, ammonia, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc. The company also provides turnkey services for carbon creation projects from abatement of greenhouse gases pursuant to the Kyoto Protocol and assists project owners in the selling of carbon credits globally.


CECO Filters cut operating costs and maintenance for mist elimination with long-life, centralized CECO mist collector (CMC) systems. Providing up to 10 years of filter life with 99.5 percent and higher efficiencies at capturing mist emissions, the CMC “boxed solution” collectors allow effluent from multiple operations, even plant-wide, to be treated at one location. In turn, captured liquids and particulates can be efficiently and economically collected for disposal or reprocessing. Horizontal design with side-door access to filters eliminates the need for overhead clearance, simplifying indoor installation where desired and enabling the system to be located on a mezzanine to free up floor space. CECO’s fibre-bed filter technology has been proven for over 50 years in chemical processing applications for removal of acid and other chemical mist. Standard units are available in 18 sizes providing 2,400 to 36,000 ACFM capacity. Systems can be engineered for specific applications with special configurations ormaterial requirements.


GE Oil & Gas has received GE ecomagi-nation certification for hot gas expander technology that works with a waste-gas recovery system to help refineries significantly reduce their energy costs while also lowering emissions.