Electronics recycling launches in PEI

Effective, July 1st, the Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship (ACES) program will allow Prince Edward Island residents to drop off unwanted electronics free of charge at six Island Waste Management Corp (IWMC) approved locations.  

“With the launch of the program in PEI, ACES members are demonstrating their commitment to responsible recycling practices for electronics,” says ACES Board Chair, David Bois of Home Hardware. “Through our collaboration with Island Waste Management Corporation we are providing island residents with a convenient and responsible way to recycle their unwanted electronics and divert them from PEI’s landfill.”   

This industry-led recycling program is funded by an environmental handling fee charged on the sale of new electronic products, regulated under provincial law. The ACES Program was created by the electronics and retail industries to manage the recycling of electronic products that are regulated by government and banned from disposal in landfills. As of July 1, 2010, the province of PEI will regulate all electronics products that are currently part of the ACES program.   

“The Government of Prince Edward Island is pleased to work with industry to offer an electronics recycling program that will address the serious environmental  issue of electronic waste becoming part of the solid waste stream,”  said Environment, Energy & Forestry Minister Richard Brown.  “This program will help create public awareness that we all share in the responsibility for protecting the environment.”    

Since inception, the ACES Program had collected more than 6,000 metric tonnes of electronics for recycling. That is the equivalent of loading a 53 foot tractor trailer more than 500 times with regulated electronic products. “ACES remains committed to responsible recycling and the prevention of illegal export of electronics to developing nations by following the Recycling Vendor Qualification Program developed by Electronics Product Stewardship Canada. Our program will ensure that unwanted electronics from PEI are always managed with that commitment in mind,” says Bois.  

To ensure ease of access and centralized locations throughout the province, ACES is collaborating with Island Waste Management Corporation (IWMC) in PEI.  As part of this agreement, Waste Watch Drop-off Centers have been designated as ACES Drop-off locations and will begin accepting regulated materials as of July 1, 2010.  

Gerry Moore, IWMC CEO is pleased to see electronics recycling expanded to Prince Edward Island.  “This program will further support IWMC’s commitment to reduce materials entering landfill and will provide Islanders with convenient access to drop-off locations for recycling,” indicates Moore.    The Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship (ACES) Program is an industry-led, not-for-profit association representing brand owners, manufacturers, retailers and other stakeholders who are committed to collecting and recycling electronic waste in an environmentally responsible manner.    

ACES oversees a network of 41 ACES Drop-Off Centres and is a leading provider of environmentally sound and socially responsible management practices for end-of-life electronic products. Its goal is to divert end-of-life electronic products from export or landfill in full compliance with local, provincial and federal requirements. For more information visit www.ACEStewardship.ca or call 1-877-774-3260.

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ISRI Applauds Passage of Legislation Permitting Recyclers to “Unlock” Used Cell Phones for Reuse

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the Voice of the Recycling Industry applauded the passage of the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act (S.517/H.R.1123) that reinstates the exemption for recyclers and refurbishers to bulk unlock used cell phones for refurbishment and resale.

ISRI especially thanks Senator Leahy (D-VT) and Representative Goodlatte (R-VA) for their bi-partisan leadership in working together to pass this legislation that removes the competitive disadvantage to recyclers and refurbishers in the marketplace. Previously, electronics manufacturers and telecommunication carriers wielded the power of copyright to control access to information necessary to unlock, refurbish and resell used technological devices, such as cell phones and tablets.

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Industry News

Tetra Pak Canada Launches Moving To The Front Campaign

Tetra Pak Canada Inc., has released a new white paper examining the use of materials in packaging that can be regrown or replenished naturally as a solution to the planet’s growing resource scarcity and to sustain the future of the consumer packaged goods industry. The paper is part of the launch of a new campaign, “Moving To The Front”, encouraging suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, NGOs and others to expand focus from the mid and end of the packaging life cycle to the beginning.

The Company’s efforts highlight the need for broader embrace and acceptance of industry practices that focus on the importance of material sourcing in protecting our world’s limited natural resources and how these practices can create long-term shared value for businesses and society.

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Industry News

USCC Undertakes Restructuring to Prepare for Surge of Organics Composting Efforts

In a move set to position the US Composting Council to continue its quarter-century as the foremost authority on composting, the USCC's Board of Directors announced a restructuring effort to prepare the organization for rapid growth.

The vigorous restructuring process is being led by a transition team developing growth plans that are targeted toward sustainable diversified growth in a dynamic, growing organics industry.

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Fairbanks Scales, Inc., offers the Trident Truck Scale with Intalogix Technology. The fully electronic, heavy capacity Trident scale is built with advanced methods for superior structural integrity, producing a longer-lasting scale with consistently reliable and accurate performance. The scale, which is built to federal bridge standards, can be shipped from the factory and installed in one day.

The Trident Truck Scale features a factory-poured and steam-cured concrete deck for permanent above ground or shallow pit type use. The engineered 8,000 psi concrete, finished under American Concrete Institute (ACI) guidelines, wears better than steel, resulting in a longer-lasting scale.

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Recycling Product News

New Volvo H-Series Wheel Loader's

The new Volvo L110H and L120H wheel loaders are among the company’s most environmental and fuel-efficient machines to date. The company’s latest generation of machines for the 18-22 ton class, they are powered by an 8-liter Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-certified engine with fully automatic regeneration that combines high performance with low emissions and low fuel consumption.

The fuel efficiency of the Volvo D8J engine is enhanced by the well-matched Volvo powertrain and intelligent hydraulics, which only supply power on demand. The load-sensing hydraulics also ensure fast response for outstanding control over the load, as well as shorter cycle times. Another intelligent feature, the Reverse-By-Braking (RBB) function automatically reduces the engine rpm and applies the service brakes when the operator changes the direction of the machine. This not only conserves fuel but also reduces stress on the drivetrain, thereby extending component life.

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The CM Hybrid Primary Shredder

The CM Hybrid Primary Shredder
The CM Hybrid Primary Shredder

CM is proud to kick off its newest success. The CM Hybrid Primary Shredder is the latest round of technology advances from CM to date. The Hybrid is a primary shredder which can process passenger car, truck, and super singles as well as farm and off road tyres. Precut mining tires can also be processed with this machine. The Hybrid comes equipped with twin 75 horsepower (150kW) gear motors. This feature provides very low energy consumption running at low RPM’s with high torque to process these oversized tires with ease.

CM boasts the machines ability to accept a modified version of its patented fixed rotor design with removable rotor technology making this shredder one of the most versatile machines in the industry. Depending on the application, the machine can be fitted with removable rotors equipped with CM patented Holman knives for producing clean cut TDF for the cement and energy industry. For other applications one piece shear blades can be used for processing contaminated tyres or for pre-shredding applications when material size and exposed wire are not critical. CM has also introduced its new “Secure Lock” system which increases the clamping pressure to secure the knife group in the cutting box which increases knife tolerances for cleaner cuts.

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C&D Recycling

Two-shaft shear shredders use quick-change blades


Built in China and distributed in North America by Shredderhotline.com Company, the Genox Xeno 100-72 Eidal Shear Shredder GX Series 1 is a two-shaft machine designed to shred scrap metal and a range of waste materials. These shredders are 100 inches long at the cutters and 72 inches wide , using a 24-inch centre-to-centre shaft design, and use 34-inch-diameter, 3- to 4-inch thick cutters. Units provide 150-hp on each shaft, for a total 300-hp drive. Other features include: 250 to 1 ratio gearboxes with service factor of 2.5; 6 rpm on the cutter shaft with other shafts speeds available; a control panel with emergency stops for full automation; and a hydraulic-operated ram feed.

Units include hopper, stand, walkways, stairs and safety rails, as well as an Eidal Quick Change System, which allows operators to easily unbolt and remove the complete blade, spacer and shaft assembly, thereby decreasing downtime. The complete assembly exchange also allows users the option to change the blades and re-build the existing ones in the machine or out of the machine, on or off premises, while the operation continues to process material.

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Organics Recycling

Diamond Z DZH3000

Diamond Z and Rule Steel have announced the unveiling of their newest horizontal grinder. Continuing Diamond Z’s tradition of industry innovation and excellence, this machine is ready to make an impact on the industrial grinding world.

This smaller, lighter, more cost efficient model is infused with all of Diamond Z’s proven performance. At 580 horsepower in a 63,000 lb. package, the DZH3000 is sure to take its place among Diamond Z’s elite horizontal machines. Diamond Z customers have never lost a horizontal hammer mill due to contaminant impact, due to the durable design and patented break- away mill bearing feature.

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MSW Recycling

Landscape Series Perforated Outdoor Receptacles

Ex-Cell Kaiser’s Landscape Series outdoor receptacles are available in a range of sizes and capacities to accommodate all of your outdoor public space needs. With options for both trash and recycling, Landscape Series receptacles are ideal for malls, shopping centers, outdoor seating areas, parks, pools, parking areas and more.

Larger capacity 40 gallon units include rigid plastic liners to contain waste and spillage, while smaller 34, 22 and 10 gallon capacity units feature steel retainer bands to securely and discreetly hold bags inside the receptacles. Units with dome tops include plastic coated, steel cables to deter theft and vandalism while all units include drainage holes.

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Equipment Management & Maintenance

FleetMind Unveils New Route Management Solution for Waste Collection Fleets at Waste Expo 2014

FleetMind Solutions, new FleetLink Route System is a web-based route management solution that delivers a new level of support and control to dispatch operations for industrial, residential and commercial waste collection services.

“Managing routes should be an effortless coordination between dispatch and trucks on the street,” said Martin Demers, CEO of FleetMind. “Using geo-fencing technologies, our FleetLink Route System makes it easy for dispatch managers to graphically create the most efficient routes and seamlessly translate this into real-time routing for drivers and vehicles. The result is total visibility into route progress, greater driver accountability, better customer service and overall vastly improved productivity. We believe no other system on the market delivers this level of routing support.”

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